Who? What? Why?

About me? About this blog?

The thought of a blog has been in my brain for months, but to be honest I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it. Still not 100% on that. So I’m diving in and deciding where to swim as I go.

Simplification of life. Joy in the minutes. Encouraging and loving others.These are the goals at the moment. Oh, and hanging out with my dog. Also, not wearing shoes unless I have to.

Update to this section:

Another minor update: the realization of my need to focus on gratitude grows stronger each day. There will be a multitude of posts regarding being grateful as I keep looking for the good, for the things that bring joy to each day, for what is important. Hopefully this speaks to you in some way and helps you find your path to gratitude.

From time to time I would post something on Facebook that would get responses from people saying that what I posted was exactly what they needed to see at that moment. In looking to step back from Facebook I realized I really did need an outlet for those thoughts, the whispers swirling in my brain that needed to go out into the world. Pair that with reading Mark Manson’s blog and finding it was giving me a push in directions I needed to go for my life and suddenly the need to create this little fuzzy idea of a blog was unavoidable.

Basically this blog is an outlet for the ideas bouncing in my brain and soul, but it is also a place that I hope will inspire others and provide comfort and joy when needed most.

To be honest, it’s a little scary feeling this vulnerable as I let the thoughts in my soul flow out and on to this blog.

Much light and love. Keep being you. Our flaws make us who we are and who we are is uniquely created to enhance the world around us.