Morning Walks

This morning my dog Mellie and I started out on our morning walk. Given that it is still summer and we are in Florida the weather was surprisingly nice. The breeze was blowing on us and the sky when we started was this gorgeous dark blue/purple with a pink & red tone. As we walked along the sky started to brighten and just as we got to the neighborhood pond the scene from the picture above was unfolding.

It becomes easy to take these few seconds for granted. This morning in the silence with my happy pup standing next to me I remembered that these times are so precious. I have seen thousands of sunrises and sunsets and yet each time I stop and look at them I am captured by the beauty. The same applies for clouds in the sky at any time of day. When I stop and really look I am always a bit giddy while also calmed. I realize this each time I am a passenger in a car on the weekends, when I get to take the time to look – really look and see the world around me. These moments are ones that help me think about everything I take for granted when I don’t stop and appreciate it.

Morning walks, they are healthy for my physical body and for my dog. They are also healthy for my heart and soul. Even if you can’t get out and walk in a natural setting, just being outside and walking you can find little spots of beauty and even better you can shut off everything that “needs” to get done that day and get some time to balance yourself out.

It is on these walks that I can focus on what is important. These walks are when I stop thinking about everything that annoys me and think about what makes me happy. This helps me all around in life. Because it becomes easy to put our attention on what annoys or frustrates us in life, but the reality is that giving those things attention does not benefit us at all. We should acknowledge the things that bug us, but we need to know how to let them go or change the things we can. Then we can move back to all of the good. I don’t know about you; but I like myself, my life, and my loved ones more when I focus on the good things about myself, my life, and my loved ones. There are studies about this that discuss how when we focus on the negative we find more, but when we focus on the positive we find more. Side note: by celebrating the things we love or enjoy those things often happen more. When I celebrate and praise Mellie for the behavior I want from her then she does it more often. She tends to do whatever gets her more attention. This can apply to other areas of life as well. Take a minute or two today to tell somebody what they do that you like. Take a minute or two to tell yourself something that you like about yourself.

There is so much negative, but there is an incredible amount of good. Personally, I prefer to search for and celebrate the good. Life sucks a lot less when I do this.

Your thing may not be walking, but I encourage you to find your thing that helps you find the positive. Note: lots of studies show that walking is really good for you, so even if it is not your thing I highly recommend you take it up!

A few of my positives from this morning: pets that jump up to nudge and give affection when my alarm goes off, the sky, breeze, silly morning phone calls with a certain Speedster, books, COFFEE, weekends, friendship.

Going in to Friday determined to make today a good day!

Much love and happy weekend!

Published by: nakedfeethappygirl

Not a fan of shoes. Love trails, painting, the sky, Dr. Who, Sherlock, and my little spotted dog. Founding member of Team FlashFoot. Obsessed with taking photos of the sky and flowers. Would rather be working in the yard than in a group of people. Sundays are made for margaritas.

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