Shifting Perspective

The photos above were taken during our Saturday morning walk. Every morning my dog and I go walking and on weekends we go to local parks to walk. Her nose gets to go into crazy sniffer mode and I get to look at nature and search for beauty. Sometimes the beauty pops out, like this Iris a.k.a Blue Flag that is hard to miss. Sometimes the beauty is subtle, almost hidden and can only be seen when you quiet your mind and get caught in the meditative quality of nature.

All four photos above are of the same flower, yet each shows something slightly different about the flower. The little intricacies that are easy to miss when we stop only briefly to examine it. With this hectic life we live in, we might notice that something in our life is special, but be so busy that we don’t stop to shift out of the spot we are in and move around to see more than just one part of whatever we are looking at. It might be something in nature or it might be a relationship, our job, or even a book we are reading.

This need to shift my perspective is something I am noticing more and more as life gets busier. Making time to stop and reset to focus on what is important becomes more imperative with each year of my life.

Just this morning I woke up with song lyrics winding through my brain and happy thoughts weaving their way through the song. My morning quickly turned to chaos (thanks fur babies who I love and who drive me crazy) and it wasn’t until after the phone call I enjoy each morning ended that I realized I wasn’t fully focused on the moment. My attention was split between letting go of the annoyances of getting ready, the conversation I was in, and getting through traffic (so glad there is hands free technology). I love these morning phone calls with the man who brightens my day and yet my brain was in so many places that I felt like I was in a fog. When I got to work I realized that it was time to shift and refocus out of the hectic morning. Yes, my fur babies can be a pain in the morning, but they make up for it when they do silly things or snuggle up with me. Traffic sucks, but at least I have a job to drive to. Oh, and more importantly I have someone who realizes when my mind is in chaos and doesn’t get annoyed that I am unfocused. Instead he just lets me ramble my way back to coherent thought.

Perspective shift to the blessings. To the fact that everything may not be exactly what I would like, but damn is it good. On Saturday when I took the above photos I realized I had taken photos of these flowers before, but had not leaned in and noticed the lines inside the bloom, the way the colors blend into different shades. I am so glad I looked a little closer and got to see the inside of this gorgeous thing. In other areas of my life it is the same. That slight shift can allow me to see the deeper levels of beauty I might have missed. The beauty in the chaos of the morning with pets who get under my feet because they love me and just want to be close. The beauty of a morning call that kicks off my day with a reminder that I am thought of and cared about.

When we open our eyes with our soul we can see the things that our eyes alone might miss. Listening to a meditation course last night they pointed out that meditation can be done anywhere, it isn’t about having a quiet place, it is about finding that stillness within us. That stillness that allows us to see and feel in ways we cannot do with just our physical bodies. This becomes something I understand more with time, as I grow as a person. I still don’t like lots of noise or crowds and probably never will. What I am finding though is that if I shift away from paying attention to that and focus on what is in me that I can blur the rest. That I can zero in on what matters and find the intricacies I might otherwise miss.

A bit more shift of perspective. It is much easier to do this (or any life change or challenge) with support. If you have just one person who really believes you can do it, the ability to stretch and grow outside of your comfort zone becomes much more tangible. I could easily focus on what my life doesn’t have, but I would much rather focus on what it does have.

I encourage you all to take a minute and look at something you see every day, but step back or move around to see it differently. Then maybe refocus your brain to look at situations in your life from a different angle. What you see may surprise you and help you appreciate it even more. This is essential in a world that spends millions to show us what we should have so that we buy more. We don’t need the perfect house with the white picket fence, we don’t need the newest car, or the most expensive jewelry. We need a place to live, we need food to eat, and we need people to love who love us (and in my opinion we need a pet too). If we have these then we are blessed beyond measure.

Much love and joy!

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Not a fan of shoes. Love trails, painting, the sky, Dr. Who, Sherlock, and my little spotted dog. Founding member of Team FlashFoot. Obsessed with taking photos of the sky and flowers. Would rather be working in the yard than in a group of people. Sundays are made for margaritas.

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