Winding River and Twisted Trees

This past Sunday I got to spend time in this stunning area of nature. Miles away from noise and crowds. Just my favorite guy and this scenery. We walked and walked. Stopping to look at bright flowers, twisted trees, and the world above us. Making our way to the river. Rivers fascinate me. The way they curve and twist. The need to keep going around them to see what is around the next bend. Much like life, there is always a new twist to wander off into and explore.

We live in a time that places value on being busy. Always going and rarely stopping to just be. Especially in nature. Friends, I didn’t realize how much I needed the hours in the middle of the trees until after we left. While I was in it I was just in awe. Wanting to take it all in and not miss anything. Loving being out in such a beautiful place with someone who also enjoys it and gets excited about nature.

Monday morning I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in a long time. That brief escape from the chaos of the world energized me.

How often do we all keep pushing ourselves to keep moving, to keep up with everything and yet neglect to stop and take a few hours to put that all to the side and just connect? Connect with ourselves, connect with the universe, connect with the people we care about most?

Yes, we have responsibilities we need to take care of. We cannot completely escape the world. We can carve out time. Time to let ourselves rest, truly rest. We can walk away from the constant tugging on our brains and slow down to really look around us and marvel at the beauty.

Your thing may not be nature. Whatever your thing is, make the time for it. We assume we will find the time eventually, but the reality is that we don’t just find it. We have to create it.

Connect. We forget we need connection of some kind to thrive and not just survive. Nurturing ourselves and the things that are most important to us. Tending them like a garden to keep them healthy and vibrant.

I hope that you create your time, your space that you need to care for yourself and those people and things that you cherish. While we need to work, have money to survive… we also need the things that money cannot buy. They are vital to a life that is happy.

Much love!



Published by: nakedfeethappygirl

Not a fan of shoes. Love trails, painting, the sky, Dr. Who, Sherlock, and my little spotted dog. Founding member of Team FlashFoot. Obsessed with taking photos of the sky and flowers. Would rather be working in the yard than in a group of people. Sundays are made for margaritas.

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