This morning I awoke to the sound of pouring rain that blanketed the world around me and created a wonderful sound cocoon to let my thoughts be free in. Several months ago my life changed in ways I never imagined and it all began with the simplest exchange of messages. Fast forward to now and I find myself reflecting on the parts of life that are truly important. As a person who loves getting lost in books and writes her feelings better than she speaks them I am ever so aware that actions speak in a way that words never will. When the rain slowed down this morning I took my Mellie on our morning walk through the puddles with drops of water falling from leaves onto our bodies. Walking in the morning is a way to let my thoughts meander and take form. These little swirls of thought dance through me and as I walk they turn into fireworks or flowers or glorious rays of sunshine that paint themselves into being. This morning with the world around me drenched in the beauty of a cleansing rain was no exception.

If you know me then you know my grandma has had the greatest influence on who I am. It is my honor to be her granddaughter and she left an indelible impression on every aspect of my life. Here is the thing about my grandma that I think is more beautiful than anything else. She rarely said I love you. Grandma didn’t use words to show her care. She showed it in these little ways that wrapped you in the love without ever hearing the words. There was not a big gesture. Instead it was in the moments that she made sure she always had your favorite cookie to hand you when you walked in the door. It was the hours spent amongst plants while she shared her passion for them and instilled her appreciation for nurturing flowers, watching butterflies and bees, or just letting the breeze wash over you with quiet delight. It was the way she would clip out articles she thought you would like which let you know that she was thinking about you even when you weren’t there. It was a million little things that would appear to be insignificant, but never were. As I was walking I thought of those little snippets of time in the expanse of time that we truly don’t comprehend and I thought of how important the tiniest moments we share with others are. How those “insignificant” moments are the most significant ones we can spend. My grandma didn’t say the words. She lived them. I forever feel them in my soul and that carries a sweetness beyond measure.

This past weekend I was blessed to share time with my mom on Saturday morning. We spent our time talking about many subjects and creating a memory that will last the rest of our lives. There was nothing fancy. It was time spent with feet in the ocean as we marveled at the splendor of nature. These moments are worth more than anything money can buy. My mom isn’t great with words. They tangle up when they try to come out. We joke about it because it happens so often. She is however a master of caring without words and expressing her love through gestures, random gifts, and awkward text messages. She has taught me more than any class I have ever taken.

On Sunday I spent the day with the someone who changed my life in ways I never imagined those many months ago. Time with him is another reminder of how words are not necessary to convey how much you care. As a matter of fact our time makes me ever so aware of the way that actions truly speak to my soul in the way that words cannot. Time is a precious commodity. It is something we all want more of and keenly feel a lack of in this fast paced society. When someone carves time out of their life to spend it with you they are giving you a gift that is priceless. That resonates inside of me and creates a feeling of warmth and joy that cannot be measured. In those simple moments of sharing pizza and laughter, of snuggling up and loving on my Mellie together, hours spent painting and discussing ideas or randomly singing… in those sweet little moments stolen from this crazy world… I was poignantly reminded of how important time is and how the gift of sharing life together nourishes my soul.

Live beyond words.

Much love friends!

Published by: nakedfeethappygirl

Not a fan of shoes. Love trails, painting, the sky, Dr. Who, Sherlock, and my little spotted dog. Founding member of Team FlashFoot. Obsessed with taking photos of the sky and flowers. Would rather be working in the yard than in a group of people. Sundays are made for margaritas.

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