There are people who seem to have infinite amounts of patience. They just never seem to rush or hurry anything. I wonder if that is how they really are or just what they project out for the rest of the world to see. My friends, I am not one of those people! Patience. It has never been easy for me. Over the years this journey of life has worn down some of my impatience and taught me that there are benefits to slowing down, to taking time, to not always wanting to hurry up and make things happen.

More and more recently this patience thing is on my mind. There are places I want to go, but I need to be where I am right now. There are things that I so badly want to do that it is not the time for. Sometimes I want it all to just happen and happen quickly, but then my soul speaks to my heart and my brain. My soul calmly, patiently tells me to slow down. To breathe. To enjoy the moments I am in right now.

In this space in time I am in a perfectly wonderful place. A place that I enjoy immensely. A place that I want to savor each precious and EPIC moment of. The brain and the heart may want to rush into new areas of life, but the soul knows that these moments are worth so much more if you take the time to fully embrace the joy that is happening in the here and now.

If you look around, I think we all do that impatient thing in some way. We want to get going on to the next phase of life without ever stopping to appreciate the current place we are in.

Slow down friends, breathe, and appreciate where you are. We are all where we are for a reason, often a reason we cannot see when we are hurrying up to get to the next part of the journey of life.

Right now, in this phase of the journey what I know is imperative is to embrace these moments and just be happy to be in the here and the now on this tiny ball that is spinning madly in a gigantic universe.

Much love.

Published by: nakedfeethappygirl

Not a fan of shoes. Love trails, painting, the sky, Dr. Who, Sherlock, and my little spotted dog. Founding member of Team FlashFoot. Obsessed with taking photos of the sky and flowers. Would rather be working in the yard than in a group of people. Sundays are made for margaritas.

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