Random Things I Love Valentine’s Day & Every Other Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and the world gets all caught up in LOVE! Which is great! I might be a little cynical sometimes, but I think LOVE is awesome. While most people think of Love Actually as a Christmas movie, I think of it as an all year movie. Especially on days like today. I love when Hugh Grant’s character talks about love being all around us. Yep, I am a closet romantic movie junkie and this movie is high up on that list. Now with thoughts of that movie swirling around it seems like a good time to go back to the random things I love list! There are so many things and it makes me happy to take a moment and list them out. WHY? Because no matter what is going on around me… if I take a moment to think about things I love everything is brighter and better.

Here goes:

  • The way Mellie walks with perky ears and wagging tail when she is excited!
  • Water droplets on leaves or flowers.
  • Seeing a certain name pop up on my phone!
  • The way my nephew Tristan laughs!
  • Friendships that have lasted through many years. Irreplaceable!
  • Sitting in Epcot with the coolest nerd waiting to watch fireworks and talking about anything or nothing or a good mix of both. Sometimes the silence is as beautiful as the conversation.
  • Conversations with my niece Amber.
  • Speaking porpoise with my brother.
  • Little Miss Sunshine aka Aliah.
  • How Erin has the most incredible way of bluntly and lovingly communicating.
  • Listening to my niece Ava talk. That girl is adorable and smart and funny!
  • That smell when rain starts to fall.
  • My protein shake every day. Yes, odd, right?
  • Nachos!
  • Margaritas!
  • Hiking!
  • Being barefoot.
  • Firefly references.
  • Deadpool.
  • Magnolias!
  • That feeling when you have just worked out and everything is a little sore and sweaty.
  • Digging into the ground to plant new flowers.
  • Colors!
  • Good music.
  • Thai food.
  • Glasses of wine with good friends.
  • Hugs from the right people. The hugs that make your whole soul feel warm.
  • The sound of the ocean as it moves along the shore.
  • Sunrise and Sunset and the time in the tween when the sky begins to darken and the world comes alive with the mystical.
  • Sunshine through the trees as it spreads it’s golden rays on the world.

Friends, I encourage you to take a moment and think of things that you love. I hope it warms your heart.

Much love.

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