Sunday is my day. It’s hard to share it because it’s the day with no alarm, no schedule, and no rules. If I want to stay in pajamas then I do. If I don’t want to get up and go anywhere I don’t. It’s a slow day. A creative day. A day to remember the beauty of nature. To look at the sky, to marvel at the sun as it shines through the trees, to find bees buzzing around flowers. It’s a day to snuggle with Mellie. Drinking coffee. Reading. Netflix. Cozy blankets. Tending plants. Fingers in dirt. Naked feet enjoying the warmth of sun baked earth.

Sundays spent single are days I rejoice in. At moments I forget the things to enjoy about solo life. Sundays remind me of them. 

Dr. Who is on and I’m lost in a world of time travel and universes. Candles lit. Day turns to night and I’m relaxed. No rushing. Just peace.

Life is beautiful in all of it’s glorious imperfections.

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